Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Our goal for a new website or site makeover is to produce a tasteful online business presentation that matches client's needs and markets your products and/or services 24/7/365.

Cost is always a concern and we deliver maximum ROI from our extensive experience integrating branding, website & social marketing.  2019 Phone marketing is on the skids as robocalls keep people from answering their phones.

Relationship Marketing

People do business with people they trust and websites should be designed to build trust.

Website Makeovers and Updates

Most existing sites need updates or improvements so we deliver maximum ROI(Return on Investment) integrating your website & various marketing assets.

Choose Function over Website Design

It's sometimes a struggle as we are "Divided by Purpose" between Website design vs Website Function. Our clients want (and need) distinctive designs yet they also need functionality, ease of use and search engine visibility. 

Sometimes we're tasked to out do a competitor's site or products. Sometimes it's to correct problems we've inherited from another website designer. Many times we need to use Google Ads to get client's the visibility they need to take on competitors. Our clients rest easy whatever the challenge, as we overcome obstacles to get the job done.

We craft professional content into a sensible marketing scheme using our extensive experience as an owner’s advocate. Design should be a secondary concern to the options and features that will make it easier to work on your website.

We’ll help you manage your online image, branding & Social Media and enable effective SEO so your business is as visible as required.

We specialize in helping local service companies market their services locally and excel helping product centric businesses market their products by city, state, region, country or worldwide.

This content, "Choose Function over Design" was originally published on Teknia Micro

3 Examples of Website Evolution Since 2014

We built 3 websites specifically to target different markets over the last 5 years, each with different marketing objectives. They are/were all built with the latest technologies available at the time.

As below, you will see screenshots of the 3 websites listed which are clickable and will load the working sites.

  • Teknia Micro Business Class Website - 2014         
  • Wingman Digital - Focus on Responsive Websites - 2015                        
  • La Grande Marketing Agency - Focus on Design - 2019    

Teknia Micro Intro

Wingman Intro text for image

LG Marketing Agency intro for image