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If your concern is making your business better…
as you promote your business online?

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  What we do…

  • Design Consulting
  • Web Development
    • Internet Strategy Consulting
    • Tactical and Strategic analysis
    • Opposition research
  • Website Design and Make-overs
    • Website Management
    • Content development
  • Web Site Hosting and Maintenance
  • E-commerce Dev
    • Product management
  • SEO, SEM and Google Ads
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram ads
  • Video production











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Design Consulting  Digital Marketing Search Engine Marketing

Is your concern making your business better…
…as you promote your business online?

Then give us a call, we’re right here in La Grande, Oregon!


4 Stars is a FAIL

A 4 Star Revue is a FAIL Large national brands can withstand poor reviews without much of an effect on sales but 4 Star revues can "kill" small businesses. Consequently, my approach to giving reviews has changed since I moved to La Grande, Oregon. I see the effect of...
La Grande Oregon Marketing Agency - 4 stars is a FAIL

Billboard, Print and Radio vs Web Marketing

Billboard, Print and Radio vs Web Marketing Any questions? Which came first?  The logo, the business card or the website? Answer: The website! The domain name needs to be on the business card and a logo is optional at startup. 
Billboard and Radio vs Web











SEM – Search Engine Marketing

We offer highly effective SEM (Search Engine Marketing) using Google Ads.

Everyone needs to increase website visibility in search engines and pay per click advertising can be used to get exposure as your site gets traction. 

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We have an astounding SEO track record! Meet with us and we’ll share our examples.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) done right will get you found where people are looking for you; both mobile and desk top, most importantly, Search Engines!

Our SEO track record saves our clients money, increases sales and we have examples to prove it.

Give us a call to set up a time to discuss how a new  or updated website can help your business!             720.837.1477


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) translates to “Visibility” on search engine results pages. Being on the first page of search results increases sales.

Our clients are amazed at the improvement we get in website visibility for their products and services. It's a game changer going from invisible to competing in their market.

We apply SEO to get you the exposure you need to compete and leverage cost effective search engine marketing as needed based on your competition and need.  More exposure gets more traffic to your business. Effective SEO will reduce your pay per click costs too!

La Grande Marketing Agency is a local, full service internet marketing firm, serving NE Oregon and based in La Grande, Oregon.

We offer A-Z internet marketing, online ads, pay per click Google Ads, website design and makeovers, SEO and social media marketing.

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